West Coast Federal Can Help.

Money is tight. Bills are high. You need help. You need answers. Take a deep breath we can help!

Money is a tool. It can be used take hold of the American dream of a house, a good car, and college for your kids.

Or it can be destructive. Money issues are the number one cause of American divorces. A surprising number of students who drop out of college do so because they cannot pay for it any longer. Bad luck or bad decisions hit most of us at one time or another.

All banks are not created equal. Many exist solely to maximize the profits for their investors, using fees and high interest rates to transfer money from the have-nots to the haves. West Coast Federal is different. We are not in the money business. We are in the changing lives business.

We are a financial cooperative, owned in equal part by each member. Our fees are less because you — our members and owners — need the use of your money now, not at the end of the quarter. Our loans are priced fairly, especially for folks with modest means or less than perfect credit.

You don't really want a loan. We know that. But we also know there are times when you need one. We exist to serve. If you come to us, we'll help you. Whether what you need is a car to get back and forth to work or help buying your first house, we can help. We can even help you take the first steps in getting your finances in order and paying off your debt.

To get started, visit us today to open a basic checking or savings account. We'll guide you on the path of wise spending.